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What are the ingredients in EBONiiVORY Activated Charcoal teeth whitening powder?

EBONiiVORY Teeth whitening powder contains Activated coconut charcoal, Edible Calcium Bentonite Clay, Organic Peppermint, Organic Sweet Orange and Organic Lemon Myrtle Powders.

How often should i use the powder?

We recommend daily use at least to begin with for the first 2-3 weeks and then use as often as required. We find most people love the way EBONiiVORY makes the mouth feel and continue daily use.

How long will 1 packet last me?

EBONiiVORY is extremely affordable. 1 sachet of the Activated charcoal powder will last in excess of 200 uses and approximately 6 months if used daily. 

Can EBONiiVORY cause sensitivity?

Not at all. Many customers have reported that EBONiiVORY has infact assisted with any existing teeth sensitivity. Due to the detoxifying benefits of the Activated charcoal & Bentonite clay many people with existing gum inflammation have also reported an improvement.

Is EBONiiVORY safe to use during pregnancy?

Compared to most teeth whitening systems and even commercial toothpastes, all of our ingredients are 100% natural (some certified organic) and safe for pregnant women. Just incase, we do suggest consulting with your doctor just to play it safe.

What happens if I accidentally swallow the powder?

Nothing. All ingredients are food grade and safe to be ingested.