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EBONiiVORY is based on the sunny Gold Coast in QLD, AUSTRALIA and was established by Stacey Thomas in 2016.

After trying many different teeth whitening products on the market, many of which are chemical based I went on the search for a more natural approach. 

Dating back to the ancient Egyptians, Activated Charcoal has been used as a holistic approach to cure food poisoning, diahorrea, viruses and you guessed it...to whiten yellowing/stained teeth. 

As well as the amazing whitening benefits of our Activated Coconut Charcoal powder, EBONiiVORY will not only whiten your teeth but it can also change the PH of your mouth preventing tooth decay.

Bentonite Clay not only binds to and draws out heavy metals and toxins (a huge plus for the mouth!), but it is alkaline and full of minerals.
It can be taken internally to help with toxin removal so it is safe for use in the mouth and it contains calcium, magnesium and silica which are nourishing for the teeth!

And with the addition of organic Peppermint, Sweet Orange and Australian Lemon Myrtle oils it can also reduce inflammation of the mouth and gums and strengthen sensitive teeth.

Our EBONiiVORY powder is packaged in a handy resealable sachet and comes with a Bio Degradable Eco toothbrush. So when your toothbrush has no more life left in it, it can simply be discarded or even buried in the earth and it will fully disintegrate. 

With people becoming more aware of what we feed and apply to our bodies and environment, our teeth whitening powder is 100% natural, vegan & chemical free.