EBONiiVORY began as a teeth whitening remedy that was created, tried and tested and has evolved into a brand that now carries 20+ products and is used and loved by customers worldwide.
Stacey Thomas is the founder of EBONiiVORY. She grew up in Melbourne, Victoria and with a future plan to make a sea change to the Gold Coast, Queensland she decided to turn her home teeth whitening remedy into a business.
Stacey competed in a fitness competition in her early 30’s and experienced some hormonal imbalances as a result of her strict diet and gym routine.
In an effort to rebalance her body she researched some of the effects from certain ingredients in the products that she was using on her body and putting in her mouth daily and in making the effort to eliminate toxins she created a charcoal powder remedy that she found drastically worked.
Inspired by these results, the brand EBONiiVORY was born in 2016.
With no degree or university background, just a passion for creating cleaner products that are free from irritants, parabens and fillers, the  EBONiiVORY product range has gradually expanded into 20+ everyday products that every woman (and a few hubbies) need for a healthy smile and glowing skin without costing the earth and are all available under the one (online) roof.