Collagen Gel face masks 5 pack, chocolate, coffee, pearl, 24k gold and bamboo charcoal
Collagen gel face mask 5 pack including lip masks
Collagen gel face mask 5 pack including eye masks
collagen gel face mask 5 pack including eye and lip masks

Collagen Gel Face Mask Multi Packs

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Cant decide on a single mask to try?

Try our complete collection which consists of 5 of our EBONiiVORY Collagen face Masks, all of which have their own unique benefits.

Formulas include:

  • Bamboo Charcoal Oil Control Mask
  • Chocolate Moisturising Mask
  • Coffee Invigorating Mark
  • Pearl Refining Mask 
  • 24k Gold Anti Aging Mask

Or include either or both of our 5 pack of

  •  Bamboo Charcoal Eye Rescue Under Eye masks
  •  Collagen Gel Moisturising Lip Masks



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